We provide expert services in the recreation and tourism business, conduct training sessions, seminars, and organize expeditions. The leader of the tourism expertise team and the main service provider is Edgaras Vaškaitis. His expertise in the fields of recreation and tourism, both in academia and practice, spans from the beginning of this century. His education is exclusively in the field of tourism: a Bachelor's in Recreation and Tourism, a Master's in Recreation and Tourism Management, and ongoing doctoral studies in management and business administration. He is a long-standing lecturer at Klaipėda University and the Social Sciences College for Bachelor's and Master's students. His research interests include the entertainment industry, active and adventure tourism, tourism innovations, and tourist area management. He has participated in national and international conferences, authored scientific articles, and supervised over 70 final projects. He is a qualified and practicing nature guide and travel leader. Based on joint activities, we collaborate and operate as a team with experts in marketing, communication, public relations, and media. We are the first team in Western Lithuania to provide tourism marketing and communication services to businesses from A to Z. The team members have implemented projects in various Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, China, and, of course, Lithuania. Working as a team allows us to undertake larger projects and achieve more efficient results.

"The United 'Media Dia' Team"

The united team is coordinated by the communication agency VŠĮ “Media Dia.” The team consists of three strategists: Dr. Donatas Jonikas, an economist; Edita Valinčienė, a public relations consultant managing projects in Lithuania and abroad; and Edgaras Vaškaitis, a tourism business consultant currently pursuing a doctorate. In this assembled team, there are four photographers with different specialties, specializing in business, industry, reportage, sports, aesthetic aspects of hotels and spas. There are also two graphic and product designers creating original corporate styles for businesses. The team is fully equipped with a video project team that prepares representational business presentations and TV reports.

The team members have worked with clients such as “DFDS Seaways,” “Klaipėdos Smeltė,” “TowMar Baltic,” “Admen,” “Philip Morris,” “Gridins Group,” A. Gricius’ automobile transport company, “Viada,” “Technorama,” “Makalius.lt,” “Klaipėdos pienas,” “Atostogų parkas,” the Lithuanian Maritime Academy, Kretinga Municipality, and others.