Guide system rental


We offer for rent TG-200 sets of guide system equipment from the innovative and professional electronics manufacturer LinKX Eelectronic Co., Ltd. This system makes the work of every guide a pleasure and ensures complete comfort for tourists. The guide system is intended for excursions on foot, bicycles, water transport, visiting museums and historical places. This makes every excursion more comfortable, interesting and memorable.

The main features that determine the quality of the guide system are its lightness, convenience, operating range of the transmitter and receiver, sound quality and battery life. All these criteria are met by our rental guide system. The system is made taking into account the needs of the guides, so it is maximally comfortable and compact. You can view the detailed characteristics of the proposed system HERE (Nukreipimas į PDF failą,pridėtas).

The system is complete with transport cases that charge the batteries of the devices. The guide system uses ultra-light headphones with excellent sound quality and a compact, barely noticeable condenser microphone for the guide. If necessary, we can also provide you with the necessary instruction on the use of the equipment.

Complete set of guide system for rent:

· 2 transmitters – TG-200T (for announcers),

· 22 receivers – TG-200R (for listeners),

· 2 charging bags TC-12

To learn more about our guide equipment rental services and receive a detailed quote, please contact us by phone +37066232929 or fill out the inquiry form.

We are ready to help you organize priceless and memorable excursions!