In order for the website belonging to VŠĮ “Media Dia” to function properly, small data files, otherwise cookies, may be saved to your device at certain times. Most websites usually have and perform such a function.

What are cookies?

In the policy, we use the term “cookie” to describe cookies and other similar technologies, such as pixel tags, web beacons, network data collectors (clear GIF). When you visit our website, we want to provide content and functions that are tailored to your needs. This requires cookies. These are small pieces of information stored in the memory of your internet browser. They help us recognize you as a previous visitor to a certain website, save your history of visiting the website and adapt the content accordingly. Cookies also help to ensure the smooth operation of websites, save selected settings, collect statistical information about the duration, frequency, and number of visitors to websites. By analyzing this data, we can improve our websites and make them more convenient for you to use.

What types of cookies are used?

Necessary cookies are cookies that are necessary for the website to function properly. They enable you to use certain features of the website. By continuing to browse, you agree to the necessary cookies. However, you can also accept the use of other cookies.

Analytical/performance cookies – with the help of these cookies, data is collected about how many users use the website, what content they choose while browsing, and other information needed to improve the functionality of the website.

Functional cookies are cookies used to recognize the user who repeatedly uses the website. They help to personalize the content presented on the website, save the selected settings, etc.

Advertising/Third-party cookies – with the help of these cookies, information about the use of the website is adapted to the presentation of advertising or other targeted information of interest to the user. Third-party cookies are managed by other organizations that do not belong to VŠĮ Media Dia. Third-party cookies that can be saved on your computer, phone or tablet while browsing our website are, for example, Google Analytics cookies, which are designed to monitor the website of VŠU Media Dia. Google Analytics anonymously collects information about the number of visitors, the location from which our website was used, which parts of the website were browsed by visitors, their age, gender and interests. These cookies are created by Google Analytics. For more information, you can visit:

VŠĮ “Media dia” website uses functional cookies to manage visitor session information. The monitoring system records visitors’ IP addresses and browsing information, which are collected for system protection purposes.

Cookies are installed on your mobile device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) only with your consent, with the exception of cookies that are required exclusively to ensure the technical functionality of the websites. If you do not agree to the installation of cookies, some functions of the website may not work partially or completely.

The legal basis for using cookies is our legitimate interest in ensuring the smooth functioning of our websites. The legal basis for the use of cookies that collect statistics or remember your choices is your consent.

Who has access to your data?

System administrators of VŠĮ “Media dia”. If necessary, other responsible employees of VŠĮ “Media dia”.

How long is data stored?

The storage terms (periods) of cookies used on the website are indicated in the table below.

What are your rights?

Your rights:

– Get to know your personal data that is being processed;

– Request correction of your personal data;

– Request to delete your personal data;

– If applicable – withdraw consent to allow processing of your personal data;

– If applicable – request to transfer your personal data to another manager.

By writing to us via e-mail or by contacting us through other specified contacts, you can exercise your rights, as well as the rights related to the cookie policy. You must submit your application together with a document confirming your identity or electronic means of communication that allow you to properly identify the person who has confirmed your identity (i.e. sign with a qualified electronic signature).

If, at your request, your request is granted and your data is deleted, our website will only keep copies of such information as are necessary to protect the interests of third parties, fulfill the obligations of state authorities, resolve disputes, detect and eliminate technical malfunctions, or comply with other agreements between you and VŠĮ “Media dia”.

Cookies used on the website of VŠĮ “Media dia”:

The name of the cookieDescriptionExpiry date
*__stripe_midStripe is used for credit card payments. Stripe uses cookies to remember who you are and to enable Profoto to process payments without storing any credit card information on its servers. Cookies are also used for the color palette, to remember the language.Valid for 12 months
*__stripe_sidStripe is used for credit card payments. Stripe uses cookies to remember who you are and to enable Profoto to process payments without storing any credit card information on its servers. Cookies are also used for the color palette, to remember the language.Until the end of the browser session
*wp-wpml_current_languageWith the help of a cookie, the website’s language selection is saved.Until the end of the browser session
*woocommerce_*Helps the WooCommerce plugin to detect when the cart contents/data changes.Until the end of the browser session
* wp_woocommerce_session*Each customer is assigned a unique code to find the customer’s cart details in the database.Valid for 2 days
woocommerce_items_in_cart Provides WooCommerce cart data to the plugin.Until the browser session
wp_langStores the current page language information.Until the browser session
PHPSESSIDStores data for the current session.Until the browser session
_gaHelps store Google Analytics data.Until the browser session

How to manage cookies?

When you use a web browser to access content we provide, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is being sent. You can delete all cookies already installed on your device, and you can also set most browsers to prevent the installation of cookies. However, doing so may require you to manually enter your preferred settings each time you visit the website. In addition, some of its services and functions may not work.

Every browser is different, so if you don’t know how to change your cookie settings, check its help menu. Your device’s operating system may have additional cookie controls. If you do not want information to be collected with the help of cookies, use the simple procedure available in many browsers that allows you to refuse the use of cookies. To learn more about how to manage cookies, visit:

We remind you that some services may be designed to work only with cookies, and if you disable them or part of them, you will no longer be able to use those services or they will work incorrectly and with interference, and for these reasons we do not recommend that you disable cookies when using our websites

In addition to the cookies used by the Data Controller, our websites may allow certain third parties to set and access cookies on your computer. In this case, third-party privacy policies apply to the use of cookies.

Please note that social network accounts are subject to the cookie policy of the respective social network.


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By filling out our contact form, you agree that we will collect and keep this data for 12 months from the date of receipt of the letter. The data you provide that we administer:

Name – we ask for it so that we can use it as a reference and, when responding, address the letter specifically to the person who sent the request;

Email – we need your e-mail in order to be able to reply to you by e-mail. by mail to the question you asked.

Subject – This information allows us to determine the type of question you are asking us and to whom it should be addressed within our company.

Message – this is the content of the request you send to us.

By sending us an inquiry, you must agree to this privacy policy. If you do not wish to provide us with the information described above, please contact us by phone.

We can provide more information about our Cookies policy and the information collected about you by contacting the specified contacts in the contacts section.

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After updating the information, we will inform you about what we consider to be material changes by posting a notice on the website. If you access or use our content and/or services after such notice is posted, we will assume that you agree to the new requirements set forth in the update.